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KIDS BEGINNER SERIES - Age 8-12 - 4 weeks

KIDS BEGINNER SERIES - Age 8-12 - 4 weeks

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In this class for kids ages 8+, kids will learn all the basics of sewing, including learning the parts of the sewing machine and how to use them, learn how to wind a bobbin, thread the machine and troubleshoot common issues. Once they've threaded the machine they'll learn how to sew a pencil roll. We'll also warm up by making a few bookmarks. We'll provide fabric and specific instructions and guide them along the way to make 4 projects: a pencil roll, a pillowcase, a lined tote bag and a stuffy.

Just tick the box that the child is 18 even though they aren't. 

Skills you will learn

  • How to understand and use a sewing machine
  • The concept of seam allowance
  • How to pin and cut fabric
  • How to sew in a straight line
  • How to sew 4 projects: a pencil roll, a pillowcase, a tote bag and a stuffed animal.

Skills expected: None, just an open mind!

Materials are included in this class. If kids have fabric they like they can bring it but we will have options. 

Materials provided: Fabric is included for this series, a sewing machine, sewing thread, fabric shears, pins, marking tools.

Max number of people for class: 6

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