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Beginner - Sewing Tools - the Basics and Beyond

Beginner - Sewing Tools - the Basics and Beyond

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Do you ever wonder what are the most useful and essential tools you should have for sewing? And do you ever look at certain sewing tools and wonder, "what in the world is that for and how do you use it?"

Beginner show and tell style class, Aaronica will give you an overview of not only the most common sewing tools that are super useful to have but also less common, some unusual and some household things that are great to have for sewing. From clips to a clapper to a point turner and much more, you'll discover many ways to use new tools and great things to add to your toolbox. 

What you'll learn:

The most common and essential tools for sewing as well as less common and unique tools and where you can purchase them. 

    Skills expected:
    It's helpful if you have some beginner sewing skills. 

    Materials you'll need: Nothing unless you want a notebook for taking notes. 

    Materials provided: Tools to show as examples. 

    Max number of students for class: 8

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