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TEEN Sewing Club - Learn to Sew Clothes

TEEN Sewing Club - Learn to Sew Clothes

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Teens (and 12 yr olds!) 12-16 years join us for a series of learning to sew clothes and gaining essential garment sewing skills in the process

We'll dive into a variety of foundational skills and projects over the course of 6 one and a half hour sessions. Some of what we'll cover:

  • pattern reading, tracing and cutting
  • pinning and cutting and sewing fabrics
  • learn concepts of sewing such as seam allowance, seam finishing and more
  • sew a simple pullover tee shirt
  • sew a pair of easy pants or a skirt 

Please pack snack (no nuts, please!) and water bottle for your child.

Please just tick the box that says they are 18. Please include in the notes how old the child is and if they have sewn before. 

Skills you will learn

The skills your child will learn in the class are how to understand a sewing machine, how to read a sewing pattern and trace them, how to pin and cut fabric, how to sew in a straight line, corners and curves, how to read a simple garment sewing pattern, how to make two garments. 

Skills expected: None, just an open mind.

Materials provided: Supplies are included

Max number of people for class: Max 8

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