In a matter of hours--yes hours!-- you can learn to sew and have your own shirt that you made with your own two hands. I know you can do it because hundreds of people have already learned to sew in our Essential Shirt course and made their own clothes too!

Learn to Sew!

Our Essential Shirt course has everything you need to go from daydreaming about to sewing clothes to actually wearing your own handmade clothes!

Let's Get Started!

What is our Online Essential Shirt Course?

It’s a studio recorded online course with 12 recorded modules that walk you through the process of learning to sew while making a pullover shirt! Our Essential Shirt pattern is included with your course and you also gain access to our Main Topstitch Makers community of sewists as well!

  • How would it feel to know exactly what you need to get started sewing clothes, including having the perfect sewing pattern and stop endlessly scrolling random YouTube tutorials to learn to sew alone?
  • How would it feel to choose your own fabrics for your clothes–the colors, the prints, the style–to suit your original style?
  • How would it feel to ditch shopping for ready to wear clothes that never fit and make your own clothes to fit your unique body?
  • How would it feel to know where and how your clothes are made?
  • How would it feel to join a community of like-minded sewists who LOVE to sew their own clothes?
  • If you want to feel any of those things, you're in the right place!

Hi I’m Leigh! 👋

I know how hard it can be to get started! It took me ages to dive into sewing clothes. It just seemed so intimidating–from how to read a sewing pattern, to choosing the right fabrics, to getting the right fit. Sound familiar?

When you’re trying to learn to sew clothes–and get better at it–I know from experience that it’s really hard to learn alone! That's why I created an in-person sewing studio and an online sewing community. When you learn with Topstitch, you're not alone as you grow and expand your sewing journey. When you take our online Essential Shirt course, you also get access to our Main Topstitch Makers Community for ongoing support! Have a question? Need help? Want to share a win? We're here for you!

Everything You Need

Our Online Essential Shirt Course Has everything you need to learn to sew, complete your first garment and get support along the way, all in one place!

Just What I Need!

What You'll Learn 💥

How to Sew and Make a Shirt

  • How to thread a sewing machine
  • How to read a sewing pattern
  • How to choose your size
  • How to choose fabric for your shirt
  • How to pin and cut fabric
  • How sew your shirt
  • How to attach bias binding
  • How to hem

Go at your pace

How you'll learn it

Each lesson is a recorded module with excellent camera angles so you can see every aspect of the instruction. These modules are paired with a dedicated course community for asking questions, sharing progress and getting help specifically in this course.

Count Me In!

Here’s what else you’ll get…

You'll also have access to our Main Topstitch Makers Community of sewists both on desktop and mobile! Join our conversations, gain new skills and keep your sewing momentum going.

It's time to make YOUR OWN clothes. If you think I can't learn how to sew clothes online I am here to tell you YES YOU CAN! I often take classes online and the videos from Topstitch are great--cameras from different angles and great explanations during sessions. - Adrianna D

I’d like to holler from the rooftops “I MADE THIS SHIRT!!!!” I am SO proud of myself! I feel powerful and fierce and excited for where this is headed. -Tara N

I love the essential shirt because I can sew it quickly and it has such nice finishing. It’s perfect as-is but also very customizable! I have painted it, cut into the pattern to color-block it, and I’ve added fun ruffle sleeves. I’ve also lengthened it to a dress and added square patch pockets. It’s a great beginner pattern but even sewing experts will be able to use it as a staple wardrobe pattern! -Katie K

Answers to your questions…

What if I live in Australia or Alaska or…?

This is a recorded online course, so it does not matter where you live!

I’m a plus size sewist, will this pattern accommodate me?

Our Essential Shirt Pattern currently is XS-4XL (52" hip)

I’m a very beginner sewist, can I really do this?

Yes, this course is designed for VERY beginners. If you feel like your sewing machine is an object from outer space, it's okay. We have you in mind and this course is just for you.

What supplies will I need?

The very basics you'll need are a sewing machine, thread, fabric shears, paper scissors, a measuring tape, fabric marker, sewing pins, a seam ripper, fabric and an iron and ironing board. We cover a few more tools that are useful, but those are the primary things you will need.

What supplies are included?

The Essential Shirt sewing pattern and instruction booklet.

How long will I have access to the course materials?


If I decide to join your sewalong membership, how do I do that?

If you decide you'd like to join our virtual sewalong classes (virtual classes other than this course), you can join the sewalong membership inside Topstitch Makers at any time.

Topstitch Makers is super easy to use!

"Topstitch Makers is super easy to use, intuitive and works well on laptop, iPad, and mobile phone. The events function is great! I have participated in many courses, sewalongs, sip-n-sews, and Q&A's from the app. -Maureen W

  • 👎 an online course you'll never take

  • ✓ We make it super fun and unique to participate in an online course that you'll want to finish

  • 👎 Learning alone

  • ✓ Learning with others IN community

  • 👎 Feeling confused where to start

  • ✓ We know just where to start and all the tools and details you need to get rolling

  • 👎 Not knowing what pattern to choose

  • ✓ We use our very own tried and true Essential Shirt pattern, which we've used to teach hundreds of people how to sew, and it's included in your course.