Class policy:

We don't offer refunds on in-person classes, unless we at Topstitch need to cancel a class for an unexpected reason. If you need to miss your class for any reason, if you give 72 hours notice (3 days), you can put your class payment towards the equivalent priced class in the future. We usually only have 4 people in a class so we need as much notice as possible to try to fill your space! You're also welcome to make arrangements to give your class space to a friend if you'd like to.

Please mark your calendar for your in-person class time! You can do that by adding your class to your own calendar. We don't send personal class reminders, but if you add your class to your calendar from our calendar sync option, you'll get a reminder 1 day before! All the info you need for class will be with the class description. 

We take every measure to provide a completely safe environment at our studio and in our sewing and craft classes. By signing up for a sewing or craft class, using our studio for open sewing, or for sewing related events, for yourself or your child, you acknowledge that sewing and craft making can involve using a sewing machine, sewing machine needles, hand sewing needles, scissors, irons, pins, rotary cutters and hot glue. You acknowledge all of these machines and tools and supplies involve a risk of injury. You agree to release any liability from Topstitch Studio, LLC, its owner, class instructors and all employees regarding any claims of injury that could arise from your own or your child’s participation in any class or event at Topstitch Studio. You agree to seek medical treatment on your own terms and at your own expense in the event of any injury or illness.

Covid Guidelines:

Our instructors are vaxed and boosted. Currently masks are optional.

Class Time:

Please try to arrive 10 minutes before class! It's really hard to catch people up once we get started.

Kids Classes:

If they class title says KIDS that means it's a kids class, otherwise it's a class for grownups. 

Class Level Policy:

Please choose a class appropriate for your level. If you don't know how to use a sewing machine yet, you should choose a beginner sewing class where you learn how to sew in the class. 

Class Levels:

Our classes are one of 4 levels:

1 beginner

-no sewing experience expected or required at all

-a sewing machine may as well be an object from outer space

-reading a sewing pattern is like reading Japanese (assuming you don’t know Japanese)

-you’ve never pinned or cut fabric with the intention of sewing it

2 advanced beginner

-you have some sewing experience and have used a sewing machine within the last two years

-you understand the parts of a sewing machine feel pretty comfortable using it

-you know how to thread a sewing machine and wind a bobbin

-you understand how to sew to a particular seam allowance

-you can sew a straight stitch

-you’ve sewn a few craft projects and possibly some simple garments

3 intermediate

-you know how to do all of the advanced beginner skills listed above

-you’ve sewn some craft projects and possibly some advanced beginner garments

-you know how to sew curves and pivot at corners

-you can read a commercial sewing pattern

-you know how to sew darts

-you know how to set sleeves

-you know a few hemming techniques

-you can create a buttonhole

-you’ve sewn pockets

-you know how to sew on a waistband

-you know how to sew on bias binding

4 advanced

-you know how to do all of the intermediate skills listed above

-you know how to insert an invisible zipper

-you know how to use facings and line a garment

-you know how to use interfacings

-you’ve sewn with various types of fabrics

-you can sew collars and cuffs

-you are capable of small fitting adjustments

-you're curious about advanced dressmaking, tailoring and fitting techniques

*Open Sewing Sessions: These are self-guided sessions, intended for you to bring your own sewing project and work on it independently. Open sewing sessions are for some self guided sewing sessions where you can come and hang out and sewcalize too if you'd like. Open sewing isn't the same as getting a private lesson. If you'd like instruction, you can reach out to book a private lesson.