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Beginner - Intro to Garment Patterns

Beginner - Intro to Garment Patterns

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Ready to start sewing your own clothes, but not sure where to start? Let's start by learning how to read a sewing pattern! A sewing pattern is essentially the map to create your garment so it's the best place to start. 

This introductory class will break down the basics of garment sewing and help build your confidence in sewing wearable clothing. In this class you'll learn how to take your measurements and how to read a garment sewing pattern. You'll learn how to find your size, and how to trace your pattern and cut it out. We'll go over all that goes into preparing your garment for sewing, we'll walk through a beginner sewing pattern instruction booklet together. 

We won't be sewing anything in this class. We recommend this as a primer to beginner garment sewing or after taking one of our beginner sewing classes. 

Please bring a beginner sewing pattern with you to class if you have one (if you don't have one that is okay too.)

Skills you will learn: 

  • Tools you need for beginner garment sewing and what they are for
  • How to take your measurements
  • How to read a sewing pattern and understand all the markings (we will use a beginner pattern as an example but you are also welcome to bring a pattern if you already have one)
  • How to choose your size pattern to make
  • How to trace and cut out pattern
  • Basic understanding of grading between sizes when you are between sizes

Skills expected: None, but if you've sewn before it will be helpful to understanding some basic concepts

Materials neededIf you have a beginner sewing pattern that interests you, please bring it. Otherwise, you don't need anything. 

Materials provided Pattern reading guidelines, marking tools, pattern weights

Max number of people for class: 6

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