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KIDS Craft & Sewing Camp - Kitchen Garden - Paint / Dye / Print! June 17 - 21

KIDS Craft & Sewing Camp - Kitchen Garden - Paint / Dye / Print! June 17 - 21

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Kids 8 years - 12 years join us for a week of crafting and sewing in a "kitchen garden" themed camp.

A few of the projects will involve using a sewing machine while other projects will include painting, dyeing, and printing fabric. 

For the machine sewing, your child will learn some sewing basics, including learning the parts of the sewing machine, cutting fabric, sewing a straight line, and pivoting at corners. We'll provide the supplies and specific instructions and guide your child along the way to make some really fun projects. When they use a sewing machine, we'll be taking turns so only one or two kids will be on the sewing machine at a time, which helps make sure they get enough direction and attention on the sewing machine.

We'll dive into a variety of sewing and creative projects related to printing, painting and dyeing fabric. Some of what we'll do:

  • sew an adjustable canvas apron
  • vegetable printing (which will be done on the apron)
  • flower pounding (a way of dyeing with flowers - which will be done on tea towels)
  • create a customized flower garden (we'll make a starter garden with egg shells, soil, and egg cartons, which we will decorate with paint and fabrics)
  • sew a pot holder from fabric we'll paint or dye
  • sew a lunch bag with fabric we paint or dye

We'll also have movie / popcorn time and watch either a kids animated movie on our projector for part of the days during the week. 

Please pack a lunch for your child (no nuts, please!) and also a water bottle. 

Please just tick the box that says they are 18. Please include in the notes how old the child is and if they have sewn before. 

Skills you will learn

The skills your child will learn in the class are how to understand a sewing machine, the concept of seam allowance and how to sew to a particular seam allowance, how to pin and cut fabric, how to sew in a straight line and how to sew corners, how to use fabrics, paint and dye fabrics in a few different methods to create their own works of art. 

Skills expected: None, just an open mind.

Materials provided: everything you'll need for the classes.

Max number of people for class: Max 6 (this number might change but right now it is max 6)

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