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Beginner - Fabrics 101

Beginner - Fabrics 101

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Would you love to sew clothes but feel perplexed as to how to choose the right fabrics? Choosing fabrics for your patterns can be really intimidating, but we'll break it down for you to help you make great choices for your projects! 

In this introductory class we'll look at fabric types and their differences, you'll get an understanding of woven fabrics vs knit fabrics, you'll get an understanding of weight and drape, and what fabrics are tricky vs easy to sew. We'll also cover tips for buying fabrics online. 

We recommend this as a primer to beginner garment sewing or after taking one of our beginner sewing classes. 

Skills you will learn: 

  • The difference between woven and knit fabrics
  • The difference between synthetic and natural fibers
  • How to understand weight and drape and how to choose a good weight of fabric for your projects
  • Tips for shopping for fabrics online

Skills expected: None, but if you've sewn before it will be helpful to understanding some basic concepts of fabrics. 

Materials needed: None. We'll use fabric swatches to talk about fabrics in class. 

Max number of people for class: 8

*Images via Textilepedia and Mood fabrics, both of which are resources we'll talk about in class. 

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